Murrabit Cod Challenge 2020

2020 Event has been cancelled (18th March 2020)

The Murrabit Football Club regretfully and formally advise the Murrabit Cod Challenge 2020 for this coming weekend is now cancelled.

In response to the revised Corona Virus recommendations released by the Australian Health Authorities this morning on 18-03-20 we have no option but to cancel this non-essential event.

The revised advice is as follows:

We need to work together to help stop the spread of coronavirus disease (COVID-19). To protect people most at risk and slow the rate of community transmission:
• Non-essential organised outdoor gatherings should be kept to fewer than 500 people
• Non-essential organised indoor gatherings should be kept to fewer than 100 people

The Murrabit Football Club would like to ensure competitors this decision has not been taken lightly and it is with great regret we have had to make this difficult decision. We understand that this decision impacts our competitors and we have made this decision as early as possible to limit the negative effect on competitors travel plans.

The clubs committee have been working tirelessly over the last four months to make this event possible and we can assure you these same people are the last ones that want to cancel the event.
This decision has been made in response to the Australian Health Authorities advice to ensure the best health outcomes are achieved for our competitors, members, volunteers and the wider community.

We will be giving all competitors a full refund and are working with our IT expert to ensure this happens over the next week. We feel this is the most suitable outcome for our competitors rather than postponing the event with such an uncertain future ahead of us. Unfortunately, the Murrabit Football Club has incurred cost to this point that can not be recuperated. If you like to become a member of the club for 2020 follow this link your support would be greatly appreciated.

We hope you understand how difficult a decision this has been to make and thank you for your support. We wish all our competitors and their families good health until we see you next.

We will keep you update with on our website:
All other enquires please email: [email protected]


Brent McKnight
Cod Challenge Co-ordinator

Cameron Coulter